Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yarn Along

My first try at Ginny's Yarn Along.

Finally have the yarn picked out for this wedding project that is stressin me out!! But everytime I pick it up to work on it the stress seems to melt away? My Mother says it's because "it's going to be perfect"!

I picked up my new Cook's Country to check out the recipe for "Fairy Gingerbread"? Will be trying this soon.

Soon the mail came and in it was a package from our daughters 1st grade class. Letters to Dr. Letters wishing him safety in Iraq and also thanking him for his service. My eyes are still damp... It is so much harder this time. It is for 3 months only, but it's still hard.


  1. 3 months without your husband is a long time. I hope that it flies by for you and your daughter.

    The shawl is going to be beautiful. The yarn looks so delicate.

  2. The knitting is beautiful. How nice the class wrote letters for your family :)

  3. Its to early for your daugther to play a yarn but your daughter has a creative thoughts in term in drawing and coloring..

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