Monday, January 24, 2011

New Year - New Directions

I'm not really a believer in New Year resolution stuff, starting the New Year off on the right foot etc... all that has never played out for me. But for some reason I decided to take control of a few things in my life and they all happened in December. So January is uncharted territory?? 2011 if looked at as a whole freaks me out. But breaking it down, event by event makes it appear possible. So what did I do & whats going on?

  1. Changed Jobs- the best thing EVER!!

  2. Dr.(husband) being deployed AGAIN to Iraq!!

  3. #1Daughter getting married. In another state, Colorado.

  4. #1D moving to Salt Lake City before the wedding.

  5. Dr. insisting to having a reception in our home state after the wedding.

  6. 15 year old daughter- do I say more?

  7. Did I mention I changed jobs???

  8. Why we thought we needed another dog? Margie our new little silkie terrior. Who is running our lives and who is in charge of EVERYthing.

Glad to be back and looking forward to sharing these future adventures. The last time I was up and running was great. Meet some really neat people. I even meet face to face with a fellow blogger in November. It was really nice. Hope to get to see her at her restaurant next year again!!

My blog will probably show a lot on my newest obsession-knitting. Have always been a knitter-but have cranked it up a notch. Even dragged my family to an Alpaca farm!!

keep warm!!


  1. What's the new job? Glad you left was getting the best of you!

    Deployed long?

    Thanks for stopping by...yes, Sweet Pea is growing up!

  2. I am so glad you have gotten a new job. The other one seemed to zap the life out of you. I cannot believe that the Dr is deploying again. He is doing such a great service but how hard that can be on a family. Wedding, wedding, wedding!!! Are you excited? How much of the planning are you doing?
    Are won't say a word about the teenage daughter. Been there, done that and lived to tell.
    I'm so glad you're back.